Spiritual Teacher
Spiritual Teacher

Seek Spiritual Guidance With High Priestess Ketina

 Life is not a bowl of cherries all the time. We often have to go through some rough terrain and torrential downpour of unexpected life circumstances from loss of loved ones, jobs, spouse/significant others, reputation to hardships of burden.  

Guess what?

You are not alone nor were you ever. This place called earth is a classroom for personal and spiritual growth. We have/had teachers in human classroom and we have teachers in the earth classroom. Many of us go through different learning experiences and pass, some fail. However, those who fail are not failures.  We need to look at those life experiences differently with a different frame of mind in a different mental perspective.

This is what High Priestess Ketina (HPK) can help you with.  


HPK Spiritual Services is owned and pioneered by the hard work of High Priestess Ketina. With a Master of Divinity, Practitioner Certificate, Minister status from the Wisdom of the Heart Church and the author of Celestial Serendipity, she can offer spiritual insight through her spiritual advise. 

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