Energy Healing Work

 Reiki Distance Healing

If you are looking to explore the paths that alternative healing can offer, you should consider the benefits of Reiki distance healing. "Rei" is a Japanese word that means cosmic vital energy.  "Ki" is the same energy but is expressed differently. 

Energy healing work has been used by people around the world for the past 2000 years. It's origin is traced to Tibet.

However Mikao Usui a Japanese monk rediscovered this ancient practice. His treatment was called Usui Rioho" meaning Usui Natural Healing System.  It was brought to the U.S. in Hawaii by Usui's Reiki student Japanese-American  Howayo Takata. Takata then taught it to 22 others who became Master Reiki Healers in the U.S. 

Hi, I am HPK!  I am a 2nd degree Reiki Healer practitioner, and I am here to help provide healing services.  I do want to add a disclaimer that I am no physician and you must consult with your physician on any ailment. I also do provide medical advice. I provide auric energy field insights. I also if Spirit directs me add a oracle reading for you to help unveil any issues you may be having.  Our bodies are like containers with many layers such as skin, tissue, muscle, lymph and blood, and bones.  All forms of energy can be held inside of these layers and if its toxic enough can cause disease. This is why now we are seeing ways to get rid of this toxicity. It is highly important to know your body because your precious Spirit is housed there. 

  We offer Remote Reiki Distance Healing. Please stop by our Book Online page and book a session today. Or book a Free consultation to know what exactly I will be doing. I will need information from you. Forms will be sent out via email for you to sign.