Spiritual Consulting

Ase! Thank you for visiting our website! My name is HPK.  I am a High Priestess, a shaman. I am a dream diviner and a death prophetess.  I am so honored that you decided to visit me.  I offer this spiritual counseling with a ministry certification from the Wisdom Heart Church.  I am a graduate of University of Metaphysics Sciences with a Master degree in Divinity and soon to obtain a Doctorate in Divinity.  

Sometimes we all feel we need someone to provide insight into a situation or in life. We may not have someone we trust to turn to. I can be that someone.  I use divination tools such oracle or tarot cards to unveil an issue.  I do not predict dates and times of an event for those can change at any moment.  However, I do pick an estimate.  

So, stop by our services page and pick a service right for. I do have an option for FREE consultation to get to know me. I will not do readings for FREE for I work with other Spirit Beings who need to be compensated.  

                   Ase  and beautiful blessings!